A Spotlight On The Zammad Team

We are a bunch of enthusiasts which work with passion in the Helpdesk & Customer Support area for several years. We believe in what we are doing. The best feedback for us is so see happy users which enjoy to work with our software.

Team Members

Here all core members who have pushed Zammad to be a beautiful piece of software.

Felix Niklas

UX Consultant (CSS Pixel Pusher)

≫Finally a web application that leaves behind old Internet Explorers. Working with the latest web standards makes layouting the interface a breeze.≪

Georg Klimm

Application Designer

≫Zammad has the best multi channel integration to customers. You have all communications with the customer on one place. It's important for ISO-certifications too.≪

Johannes Nickel

UX Consultant

≫Working on Zammad always felt like baking the last piece of the global open-source-web-cake. Now, let’s light a candle and celebrate!≪

Martin Edenhofer


≫Zammad is a big deal because it's in a market without an elegant and powerful open source alternative.≪

Oliver Ruhm

CEO @ Zeughaus

≫With Zammad, we might very well kickoff a new thing that will eventually become an industry standard. Good to be onboard.≪

Roy Kaldung


≫Using Zammad is like using a desktop application (e. g. push notifications). Every information is shown to me automatically. And with the configurable text modules and all the keyboard shortcuts I’m able to focus on my regular daily job. Just try it!≪

Thorsten Eckel


≫Zammad combines the spirit and experience of more than 10 years in open source and ticketing with the energy and synergy of proven and modern web technologies and pulls me as a developer to implement ideas and functionalities that were not possible before. Finally I can focus on the essential while developing.≪