Why did we make Zammad?

More “canals” (channels) than Venice

As we all know, back in the day everything was much easier. Urgent questions were received by phone call. If something had a bit of time, you handled it by “snail” mail. But the way we communicate has dramatically changed since those days. Privately we communicate through multiple channels: WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others have long been part of everyday life. And companies have taken note of this too. With success comes a heightened need for communication - and thus the number of tools needed to meet that need.

As organization you need to handle several communicate channels.

Who was in charge at Facebook again?

But most of the communication tools described above are aimed at individuals and not at organizations. So it often goes like this: Employee A observes requests that come in via the Facebook page and Twitter. Employee B processes those coming in by phone and email. Employee C is new to the team and needs to handle the logins. It’s a real party for everyone. So it often goes like this there: Employee A handles social media channels, Employee B the classic communication modes of phone and email, and if an employee C needs to jump in, he first needs to get an overview and handle all the logins. It’s a real party for everyone.

Like sand between your fingers

The platform jurisdiction issue is only one problem. To make matters worse, all the knowledge surrounding the past and current info regarding a support request only exists in the minds of individual employees (in the best-case scenario). This situation makes for widespread redundancy and one and the same response is sent again and again, breeding resentment on all sides.

The Big Bang

Zammad did not invent the ticketing system. But we firmly believe that it’s got a lot of potential to be: Better. More open. Freer. - With Zammad we’re not only creating a new and fresh start for an established software division: we’re starting a movement, a community. We see the launch of Zammad like a big bang of a new galaxy of open source help desk software. Install Zammad on your servers, write plugins and broaden our horizons!

Democratic foundation, realistic setup

We are convinced of the benefits of modern technologies and web-based applications. We believe in natural growth without the artificial boundaries set up by proprietary-oriented systems. Zammad is organized as a foundation and is not commercially oriented. Based on this foundation, we guarantee the fundamental rights of users. So we are putting a modern, open and free platform at your disposal.

“org chart” of Zammad Foundation, Zammad Community & Zammad Services

Making Money

Although we love open source software, we have nothing against money. We also need something to live on. In addition to the free installable version of Zammad on, we also offer a SaaS solution, which can be leased on a turnkey basis at And we also want to encourage you. There is a lot of potential for making a living with free software: Consulting, extensions and training are just a few simple examples. People can be impressively creative when it comes to earning a living. We can’t wait to see what ideas you come up with.

Our mission: Quality of Life

If you ask us what our goal is with Zammad, we have a lot of prepared answers. Bottom line, what’s important is that our end users can work in office properly and conscientiously, and that in their free time they be able to devote themselves with a clear conscience to what makes life worth living - be it spending time with the family, kitesurfing, building ships in a bottle or playing the didgeridoo. We hope that the Zammad will give people security and confidence and make their lives a little more pleasant. The tickets won’t run away.