The User Interface Design


Zeughaus has assisted us over the past two years. They developed the design of Zammad and support us in preparing the websites and videos. It was an exciting collaboration and we’d like to give them space here to tell their story themselves.
– Martin Edenhofer, Zammad Founder

Our Mission Briefing

The quality of customer support and communication is a key factor for the success of a company. The Zammad user interface therefore had to work - not just "look good". In addition to the clear functional requirements, it is also our responsibility to work together with the team of Zammad to ensure that Zammad is happily used.
Although many functions have been integrated in the interests of industry standards, in the details we took care to think a bit farther up the road than was necessary. Here we’d like to present you with some of the highlights.

Conversation instead of system emails

Even though the function scope of the established support software provider was impressive through the use of a PBX connection and all sorts of gadgets: Still, for us, we felt that the heart of the matter: how to communicate with the customer, just wasn’t right. In Zammad we moved away from the email-style of support messages and chose a chat-like communication flow instead.

Conversation instead of system emails

And: Tiki

Wii will keep us from creating some wizard like the “friendly paper clip”. On the dashboard the user meets Tiki, which very unobtrusively indicates the general mood in the tickets. And yes, Tiki T-shirts are planned.

Drop Zones

With the drop zones, we have developed an action layer to conveniently handle group actions. If user starts to drag several elements then the matching drop zones appear. The most likely targets and actions therefore appear as convenient drag and drop areas. The possibilities of these drop zones are far from being exhausted. We are excited about the direction in which it’s still developing.

Examples - in the middle you can move and/or assigne tickets by drop zones

Ticket traffic light colors

Tickets can easily be identified by their status using the colored rings. Filled rings include new notifications. This way you don’t see numerous "flags" and the user interface stays cool calm and collected, even when the tickets are boiling hot.

Rings in traffic light colors


Of course Zammad includes numerous shortcuts and shortcut keys such as prefabricated blocks of text that can be triggered with a double colon (::). We’re also working to ensure that Zammad can be operated completely mouse-free.

Zammad UI Design: Creative Commons License

We share the user interface of Zammad under the Creative Commons license. Together with Zammad we are working on a UI kit. This allows developers to use the user the interface design and customize Zammad for their own applications.

And that’s what Zammad means for us

The whole topic of support software is firmly in the hands of a few commercially/proprietarily-oriented software vendors. The open source community works with obsolete and unattractive tools: The decision for an open source application is usually a rational one, devoid of emotion.
Zammad finally offers an attractive open-source alternative. WordPress, Typo3 and Plone have led the way in the CMS area: Openness and freedom are fundamental values ​​that will win out in the long run.
We are proud to be part of Zammad and congratulate the Zammad team on their bold move on jump-starting such an extensive tool.

We wish you lots of success with Zammad.

We hope you’ll like Zammad. If you have concrete ideas for the user interface design, contact us at zammad@zeughaus.com - we look forward to your suggestions and look forward to your contribution to a better-designed user interface.

And now back to work - you know how it is: post-release is another way of saying pre-release (for the next one!) We wish Zammad a fantastic launch.