Zammad.com vs. Zammad.org

Freedom or comfort? Be served or DIY? When I was young, a long time ago, there was once a file-sharing service called Napster. You could use it to download songs and albums, without paying money for them. Most times the quality was pretty mediocre and sometimes you even got something different than what you’d ordered. Then Apple came up with iTunes and all at once you were happy to pay a Euro so long as it all worked properly. No stress and no more searching (and legally too, but that was a rather secondary consideration).
And with Zammad we also offer both: free but taking a little work and giving a lot of freedom, or just paid for and easy. The difference to Napster? With us both options are legal.

Free loading on Zammad.org

Zammad is open source and can be downloaded for free from Zammad.org (available on october 19th, 2016). You can install it on your own Linux server and modify Zammad just the way you want it. As a self-hoster you are also responsible for regular updates - everything for that is under your data sovereignty.

For use on PaaS environments like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or Digital Ocean, there is also a Docker image.
Obviously installing and maintaining software on your own server is a matter of taste. On one hand, you are responsible for installing the necessary updates and for maintenance. On the other hand, you have full control over the used version, installed plugins and your own hacks for adapting Zammad precisely to your requirements.
Are you the Do-it-yourself type? Click here to find more at zammad.org (available on october 19th, 2016).

Worry-free on Zammad.com

Alternatively, you can also lease Zammad. On Zammad.com we provide a hosted version of Zammad. The turnkey solution is ready for use in just a few clicks - Zammad support is also there for you. Our job is to provide the software and the hosting, support services and a guarantee that you're always using the latest and most secure version of Zammad.
For the hosted version of Zammad we charge a monthly fee. As is customary from many other SaaS platforms, you have no contractual obligations or minimum term.
If, however, at a later date you decide to host Zammad yourself, you can export and migrate your data to your own server at any time.
Are you the Turnkey-and-comfortable-type? Go to zammad.com (available on october 19th, 2016).

The Zammad Foundation

Zammad is open source. The Zammad Foundation makes sure that the software remains free and that the open spirit is preserved by the founding team. In addition, the Foundation promotes access to and distribution of open source software in general.

Learn more about the Foundation on the Zammad Foundation website at zammad-foundation.org (available on october 19th, 2016).