Multitasking (for men too)


We men are told time and again that we can’t do it. Or at least not as well. I once heard that this has something to do with hunting vs. gathering, because only one woolly mammoth was hunted at a time and with gathering, besides mushrooms, there are of course other target objects, like berries. Be that as it may: without multitasking, we humans would definitely be extinct today.

Tabs, Part II

In a previous article (Spec-tab-ular) we already talked about the tabs in Zammad. They are one of the most important elements for multitasking in Zammad. The help desk staff worker of course, is a natural-born multitasker. Busy writing a response, when suddenly the phone rings and – boom! – like a shot he/she jumps right into the new ticket. And back again. Or just on to the next one. Sure, you can use multiple browser tabs or windows.

But the Zammad tabs offer quite an added value, especially when combined with our magic live updates: when a tab is updated in the sidebar, a discreet animation lets you know. In combination with our autosave function and scroll position retention, nothing gets lost not even when you’ve got 36 open tabs on your laptop and you suddenly run out of juice. We have put together some application examples for Zammad multitaskers here:

By the way: If you need to deal with a ticket intensively, the otherwise convenient multitasking functions suddenly become superfluous. The opposite of multitasking is called Focus mode. And we’ve been pondering on this very topic with great focus ourselves.