Multi-Channel Integration

Zammad is your perfect communication filter. Connect it with your accounts and out of the chaos of posts, emails and messages comes a neat list of tickets. Never again lose track. Never again overlook requests. No more account and password battles. Now you can focus on the content of the requests and don’t need to grapple with the particular medium any more.


Email is still the most popular channel. Create your desired address (e.g. support@chrispresso.com) and connect it with your Zammad account. Now Zammad monitors the inbox and converts incoming messages into tickets. Your answers will be sent using your own email server - meaning that your customer won’t even notice that you are using Zammad. Zammad recognizes auto responders, advertising and other troublemakers, so you can focus entirely on communicating with your customers.


Facebook postings are also popular. When you connect your Facebook page with Zammad, Zammad recognizes incoming messages and automatically creates tickets from them. When you process the ticket, for you it will feel the same as handling email requests, but your response isn’t delivered by email, but as a response to the Facebook posting. This lets you easily manage the support communication even when help desk staff are not administrators of your page.


Connect your Twitter account and scan for @mentions or certain #hashtags for your account. But even direct messages are recognized by Zammad and converted into tickets. Your answers are automatically provided with a read-more link, if your answer is longer than the usual 140 characters. So you have to be a haiku expert to use this channel. Incidentally Zammad is also troll-proof: You can ignore annoying accounts - so your tickets remain manageable and relevant.


That bit about emails being the most popular support channel was a little exaggerated, to be frank. People love telephone support. Zammad currently supports the integration of sipgate.io, a leading provider of VoIP telephony in Germany. You can connect your sipgate phone number to Zammad and receive telephone calls directly into Zammad. The contact details of the caller are displayed and where possible also assigned to a contact in Zammad. In addition, a recording of the conversation can be saved for future reference. If zammad could not match a number to an existing contact, it uses it's own visionary skills to
match the number using existing tickets. So if you had contact with someone wo has is number, lets say
in his signature, then Zammad is able to match it.

Zammad caller log with predictive number matching

PS: Stay tuned!
It could well be that we will soon be assigning our own Zammad phone numbers. This way you can start right away with your own free phone number without any external contract or lengthy configuration. We just check the technical framework. Video calls are also on our absolute wish list. In future, with the video widget you’ll be able to integrate video call functionality into your website or into your app: Your customers will thus be able to video call with you and your crew live. That means it’ll soon be high time to make that visit to the barber’s. And get that wall repainted too.