It's a kind of magic!


Freddy Mercury sang: „The flame that burns inside of me / I’m hearing secret harmonies / It’s a kind of magic“ and evoked the magic of harmony and of a new magical time. For me, Zammad is magic: everything that has been impossible for so long has suddenly been made a reality using modern web technologies. About five years ago Zammad would not have been even remotely possible. Magic.

No more reloads.

On websites, it is important for SEO reasons that logically separated information areas are positioned on own respective pages. This allows for a clean indexing and lets you send your buddy a direct link to that funny GIF. Once upon a time, there was an idea called framesets, where areas of the website stayed the same (i.e., the navigation) while the content changed. While this had some advantages superficially, don’t get me started with the whole megillah of problems these framesets brought with them. But the idea was actually good: why reload the whole page when only a part of it had to be updated?

HTML frames in Netscape 1.22

Zammad uses WebSockets. This technology makes it possible to go through your whole work day without having to reload any single page at all. This means if performs like a native desktop application and you work without any juddering or delay. Compared to a Zammad prototype without WebSockets technology, you're up and running 30% faster now: Switch between the individual tabs or open new tickets, lists and more - all without delay. In addition, you see immediately if something happens in your current view. New comments appear immediately and you never send out an outdated response.

A little more dynamism, please.

Our computers have webcams, good speakers and powerful graphics cards. Back home, you've long since become accustomed to animated interfaces, voice calls and video chats. With Zammad, finally a bit of that Modern Feeling can set in at the office too. We have laid the foundation for audio, video and animation interface in the very first version. And we have set ourselves the task for a few more things in the next few updates.

Return to Intuition

We want you to be able to use Zammad intuitively. Drag tickets with the mouse, use keyboard shortcuts, add images with CTRL-V just from the clipboard and make yourself at home. Unfortunately, users of web-based software have become accustomed to various limitations. That will be better in the future. For now, here’s our cheat sheet:

We are working to make Zammad even more intuitive and are currently thinking about touchpad gestures, Apple's new 3D Touch and other operating concepts. If you have ideas on the subject, write us!