Caution, Search Area Ahead


Actually it’s hard to believe that in 2016 a functioning search function is presented as a power feature. Can I get an Amen? But the reality of the help desk software industry is that you can really give most of the search functions a pass. Zammad will change that. We have hacked the search, to put it not mildly. And we're damn proud of it.

Not so fast, my friend.

Did you know? The new computer boots up faster than you can see. The programs pop up, which is a joy, and the new game runs at a silky smooth 40 frames per second. Then you start to fill up the hard drive and soon the infatuation is over.

It's the same with most help desk systems - especially when it comes to searching. Once proper data is in the system, the search grinds to a halt. The worst part is not only the frustration in use, but that valuable knowledge and experience simply disappear into the archives, never to be seen again.

Always stay nice and elastic.

In Zammad we rely on the most advanced search technology: Elasticsearch. This technology makes it possible to browse gigabytes of information (aka tickets) in a split second. Especially practical is that even file attachments such as Word or PDF files in tickets are indexed for the search. With Elasticsearch, in a split second even the farthest corners of the spacious Zammad library are as brightly lit as the Search Engine World Cup finals.

Precision combinations

"Give me a list of all customers in Liechtenstein who made a request for Pinot Noir, vintage 2012 the last year." The true strength of Elasticsearch is felt in the combination of search criteria. In Zammad it is perfectly possible to combine several factors into a single search. This makes it possible to get truly relevant results.

A comparison will convince you.

Our team looked at the most common and largest help desk providers and tested them in a series of simple and combined searches using identical datasets.

Important: Zammad is currently the only system which also is indexing the content of attachments (PDF, Word, Excel, and so on). And Zammad is still much faster.

The result of these tests gives Zammad a clear lead. And we are talking about version 1.0 - there is certainly still room for improvement.