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Zammad GmbH
Marienstraße 18
10117 Berlin

E launch@zammad.org

CEO: Martin Edenhofer
Trade Register: Charlottenburg, Nr. HRB 163946 B
Place of office: Berlin (Mitte)

Prologue: So what is a ticket?

A few years ago in London while out on a leisurely bike ride in the pedestrian area along the Thames a genuine Bobby warned me: "Dismount your bicycle or else you will get a ticket, sir." A ticket? The German in me was confused. The Bobby was clearly not talking about a “train” ticket: he meant a traffic ticket. You learn something new every day, thank you sir, I’ll just push on off my bike! Fast forward a few years later and the Zammad team is asking me for a user interface design for a ticketing system. Neither a “train” ticket nor a “traffic” ticket - in the support area tickets are individual requests that are passed on to Support. Presumably that comes from getting a numbered “ticket” like you get at the deli counter at a big supermarket or from the local government office.

So in Zammad everything revolves around these tickets. Where the tickets come from isn’t that important because they can come in by email, phone or through social networks. What is important is to process and close the individual requests as effectively as possible. The shorter time a support ticket remains open, the better for the help desk and the people whose requests have created the ticket. Here we’re back in traffic ticket territory again, since as we all know, the longer you put off paying them, the more expensive they get.

In the upcoming articles, we want to tell you about the origin of Zammad and to give you a few peeks behind the scenes of the new open-source system. We look forward to your feedback and questions.

Martin Edenhofer
(Zammad Founder)